Cophe Services

COPHE can assist you in understanding how the primary health care system works while exploring innovative alternative models of primary health care delivery and funding. We can also assist you in analysing the sustainability of your current health practice.

We offer the opportunity for you to discuss your initial ideas with us, and receive some early advice over the phone as a free service.

COPHE has several streams of services it can offer:

  • Enabling NGOs to build a primary health care capacity, especially utilising Medicare funding
  • Assisting local level integration of primary and mental health care
  • Service planning and reviews
  • Primary Health service planning
  • Financial and business analysis of:
    • medical practices
    • development of budgets for new services
    • overall financial and business analysis of organisations’ operations

Additionally we can provide:

  • Staff and Board training about how the PHC system works and its public and private funding mechanisms
  • Exploring innovative alternative models of primary health care delivery and funding
  • Undertaking feasibility studies for development of new services or integration of services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting with local stakeholders or potential partners.
  • Governance training including policy and reporting reviews.
  • Facilitating and implementing change management processes.
  • Improving capacity to engage effectively with consumers, carers and communities.
  • Development of public private partnership plans for infrastructure and service delivery

Better integration of primary and mental health sectors

One of our projects in 2014-2016 has been for Sector Connect, a regional peak body representing the not for profit sector in South West Sydney. COPHE in conjunction with Sector Connect members has developed a report outlining options for better integration of the mental health and primary health care systems. The project was funded by SW Sydney Partners in Recovery (a partnership between the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW and the South Western Sydney Medicare Local).

The project involved consultation with a range of local public, non government organisations (NGOs) and private services and consumers in the catchment of Campbelltown, Wollondilly, Camden and Wingecarribee. The project aimed to develop a diverse range of approaches to linking services across the sectors to ensure better coordination of care for people with mental illness. It also included identifying ways in which the local system could increase the focus on consumers’ physical health, a well-recognised gap in the Australian system.

The report presents 19 options for the development of service models ranging from the relatively simple to the more complex, all demonstrating benefits to clients. The options of attracting GPs and private psychologists to run sessions at NGO services where clients already feel comfortable and supported are examined but the report also proposes options through to the more complex alternatives, for example of a mental health oriented primary health care services.

The SW Sydney PIR subsequently funded Sector Connect to facilitate the development of some of the options over the following year and COPHE provided ongoing advice and support to this project.

You can access the report here