Health Care Homes

In 2016 the Government announced its plan to introduce Stage One of a Health Care Home model to improve care for patients with chronic and complex conditions. The Health Care Homes pilot will be designed to ensure those with chronic conditions receive ‘wrap around’ care, with a local health care team acting as the home base for the patient’s co-ordination, management and ongoing support. Under this model, eligible patients will voluntarily enrol with a participating medical practice known as their Health Care Home.

The trial will begin on 1 July 2017 and be undertaken in 10 PHN regions. It is envisaged that up to 200 medical practices will be involved providing services to up to 65,000 enrolled patients.

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COPHE Financial Modelling on Health Care Homes

COPHE has developed financial modelling that allows a medical practice to understand the financial implications for their practice if they decide to become a Health Care Home. This generic model has been developed to gain an understanding of this financial impact and can be adapted to individual a medical practices.

See a copy of our Financial Modelling here >